Every new proposal and letter of engagement triggers an automatic email to your clients. 

Here's how you can add and then edit a signature, to keep things professional and on point with your branding! 

How To Create a Signature

Step 1. Go to team settings 

Log in to the admin section of your app and go to Settings > Team.

Step 2. Find and edit user

Select "Edit User" for the staff member with the signature you want to change

Step 3. Go to signature

Scroll down the page and find the "Email Signature" section

Step 4. Edit the Signature

Create your signature in the space below. 

You can change your text, colours, insert links, add images and import source codes. 

Choose your font style and colour

Add images

Use the add image button to add an image to your signature.

Use a Source Code 

You can design your signature on third party websites such as hub spot, which will then create a source code for you to import here. 

  • Select the source code icon, shown below
  • Copy and paste the code you generated into the pop-up box 
  • Select ok

Step 5 - Update Settings

Once you are happy, save your settings by selecting "Update User"

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