The GoProposal philosophy is built around a monthly recurring revenue model because this is how we believe you should grow a successful accountancy firm.

However, there will always be some costs which are just paid one time, such as Company Formation or Setup Costs for accounting software for example.

They sit in a separate pricing table to avoid confusion and can be layered up in complexity by adding calculations.

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How They Work

One off costs are a pricing strategy for those one-off jobs you do not want to charge for on a monthly basis. These services will come on a separate invoice if you are integrated with Xero or Quickbooks.

How To Use

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items  > Edit Line 

Line items are the services you offer to your clients. To price a service using a one off cost, hit edit line next to that service.

Step 2. Pricing type > One Off Cost 

Choose 'one off cost' from the drop-down beneath pricing types.

Step 3. Set the price

Set the fee for your one off cost.

In this instance, we are charging a one off cost of £5 for a confirmation statement.

Step 4. Save

Save your line item if you're happy, or you can build up the complexity of the fee by adding a calculation.

Other Pricing Types

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