Each proposal you produce is emailed to your clients and your team.

You can configure different email content for different proposal templates and you can even edit them on the fly if need be.

This is how you do it...

How To Edit 

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Templates & E-mails

Log in to the admin are of your app and go to proposal templates and e-mails.

Step 2. Edit a proposal type

Select edit next to the proposal template you would like to tweak the e-mail content for.

Step 3. Select the e-mails tab

Ensure you have the e-mails tab selected.

You can also edit the proposal PDF content and 3 key proposal settings from here.

Step 4. Construct your e-mails

Client e-mail content

The first box is where you will decide the subject heading and content of the e-mail that goes to your clients upon completion of a proposal. 

Merge tags are a great way to automate key references, such as the proposal ID as seen in the subject heading and staff details at the end.

Attachments enable you to specify what documents you'd like to go out with a particular proposal type.

Staff e-mail content

Your staff will be notified every time a new proposal is made for a client. This is where you can decide what this e-mail says.

By default, these e-mails will go to the staff member who produced the proposal. However, you can use the 'additionally e-mail to' section to send this to other team members.

Step 5. Save your settings

Once you've finished building out the content, save your settings.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can add your e-mail signatures into Go Proposal so that they automatically populate at the end of all of your emails. This is dealt with in a separate area of the app. Click here to discover how.
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