If your firm has multiple partners, then you may have different principals in charge who take ultimate responsibility for the undertaking of a client.

This is how you can add the names of your Principals into Go Proposal and then assign them to a proposal.

Explainer Video - Principals In Charge

How It Works

When you create a proposal and complete the details, you are asked to choose the principal in charge of the assignment.

Their name will appear at the end of your letters of engagement to sign them off, and can be referenced throughout your documents using merge fields. 

How To Add/Edit Principals In Charge

Step 1. Adding or editing a principal in charge

From your admin area, go to configure > letter of engagement > principals

Use the add new principal button to create and add as many directors or partners as you need in the system..

.. or the edit button to edit the details of a current principal.

Step 2. Define the principal details

  • Add the name of the principal. 
  • Upload a signature if you'd like this to appear in the letter of engagement. More on how this works here.

Step 3. Save the details

Save the principal details and you're good to go. Their name will now appear below the principal in charge dropdown when you create a proposal, so you can choose the correct responsible party for every proposal.

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