If your firm has multiple partners, then you may have different principals in charge who take ultimate responsibility for the undertaking of a client.

This is how you can add the names of your Principals into Go Proposal and then assign them to a proposal.

How To Add A Principal In Charge

Step 1. Go to Configure > Letter of Engagement > Principals

Step 2. Enter the 'Principal Names' in the space below

Simply add the names of the different principals into the box, one name per line.

Step 3. Save your settings

Once completed, be sure to select 'Save Settings.' Then, you're good to go! 

How It Works

When you create a proposal and once you have selected 'Complete Proposal', there will be a section to fill in called 'Responsible Parties' - the principals you have added should appear in the drop down as below:- 

This is where you will choose the principal in charge for that proposal and letter of engagement.

When setting up your letter of engagement templates, if you use the merge tag [principal_in_charge], this principals name will then be automatically pulled into that letter of engagement. 

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