There are several key components to a proposal and so it's important for you to know what they are and how to configure them.

This will take some time to get it exactly as you want it, but once it's done, they will be automatically generated for you forevermore.

This video will show you how to control the proposal PDF content.  

Note: The what happens next section has moved and can be edited within the acceptance tab.

How To Edit

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Templates & E-mails 

Login to the admin area of your app and go to configure > proposal templates and e-mails.

Step 2. Add or edit a proposal template

In Go Proposal, you can add as many proposal templates as you need.

Within each template you can control how you would like that PDF to look, so you can tailor the content included to different niches or types of work you may be doing.

Select add proposal type or click edit next to an existing type you want to tweak.

Step 3. Select the PDF tab

A pop-up box will appear. Select the PDF tab.

You can also control your client e-mail content and approval options from here.

Step 4. Edit PDF content

The features of the proposal PDF are listed here in the order that they will show in your proposal document.

Here's what you can do..

Add Testimonials to Your Proposals

Use the toggle to enable testimonials. Once enabled, add your client testimonials.

Testimonials are a great way to show your clients that the promises you are making have been delivered on before.

👆Using different proposal templates for different niches, you could even add relevant testimonials for specific markets to your proposals.

Here is how you can preview changes you have made.

Add Full Page Graphics to Your Proposals

Use the toggle to enable graphics in your proposals. Once enabled, you can insert a full page graphic in the box that appears. 

You can add up to three throughout your proposal.

Select choose image to upload a graphic from your desktop.


Size: 210mm x 297mm (A4)
Resolution: 72dpi for on screen use, 300dpi is best screen resolution.


Full page graphics are a great way for you to include any additional page you need, in any style that you want it to be:

  • Meet the team pages
  • 'About me' or company bio pages.
  • Quotes and images that reflect your brand message or ethos.
  • Cover pages for the back page

Edit The Proposal Introduction

Construct the introduction to this proposal template.

Merge tags are a great way to automate important references throughout the PDF, such as your clients company information.

Introduction to Fees Section

Configure the introductory text that will appear on the fee page. The remainder of this section will be automatically populated with a breakdown table of service costs.

Merge tags are good here, particularly for referencing the proposal type or ID. 

The Please Note Section

Use the please note toggle to switch this section on or off. When selected, the proposal will automatically display the start date and end date of the terms, along with the clients annual revenue and the free text you choose to use in the box below.

If you don't want to display the start and end dates and revenue ranges, and just want to show how long the proposal is valid for, then use this button:

What Happens Next Section

The what happens next section in your proposal has moved and can be configured within the acceptance tab of the proposal template.

Services/Upsell Section 

The remainder of the proposal PDF is populated with the service descriptions and upsell section. This is where you will edit the introductions to these sections.

Step 4. Save your content

Once happy, be sure to select 'save proposal type.' 

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