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Edit the proposal introduction (just for one client)
Edit the proposal introduction (just for one client)

You can tweak the introduction of a proposal so it is bespoke to one client.

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When you create a proposal, the proposal template you choose will dictate how the PDF will look and the wording within various sections, such as the introduction.

You can create as many proposal templates as you need for different types of work or niches you do business with.

This means you can pull the correct text through to every proposal.

However in certain scenarios, you may still want to customise this wording if you want to communicate something specific for a client.

To achieve this, you can edit the proposal introduction for every quote you make. Here's how...

Step 1: Create A Proposal

Create a proposal as normal and generate the fees for your client.

Step 2: Complete The Proposal

Complete the proposal and fill out the company and client details.

If you scroll down below these sections, you will see the option to open up a tab allowing you to edit the proposal introduction..

.. Here, you can add the additional information you choose.

Step 3: Preview Your Changes

A little further below where you have tweaked the introduction, you should see the option to preview your proposal and see the changes you have made.

So just check these have pulled through before sending!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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