Before reading this article, it is best to get a general overview of how the letter of engagement is set-up in Go Proposal which can be found here.

Universal content is content that is pulled into all of your letters of engagement, irrespective of the template you have chosen (limited company, sole trader etc) or services selected.

The universal content deals with the following:

  • Heading and introductory section text to the Schedule of Services
  • Confirmation text - this comes at the end of the letter of engagement and encourages the client to sign 

How to Set Up 

Step 1. Go to Configure > Letter of Engagement > Letter of Engagement Types

Log in to the admin section of your Go Proposal app and go to Letter of Engagement Types.

Step 2. Find the 'Universal Content' section

Scroll down the page, below the letter of engagement types, to the universal content section.

Step 3. Set up your Universal Content

You should now see that the Universal Content is comprised of a Schedule of Services section and confirmation text section. Below is a description of both and how to set these up :-

  • Schedule of Services (heading)

This is where you will add in your heading and introductory section text to the Schedule of Services, which forms this part of the letter of engagement:

The remainder of this section will be automatically populated with the Service Schedules for the services that have been added to the proposal. Learn how to set these up here.

Be sure to save your settings (banner at the bottom of the screen) when you are done.

  • Confirmation text

This is the text that comes at the end of the Letter of Engagement. 

We have two versions in Go Proposal, signature and no signature required. This is because for our fee review quotes, we do not request that the updated letter of engagement be signed again. 

You can specify which proposal types you would like to require a signature within Configure > Proposal Types & E-mails > Edit a Proposal Type

You will need to ensure these legals stack up for your business. 

The confirmation text will appear in the letter as follows: 

Step 4. Save your settings

Once you are happy with your confirmation text and universal content, save your settings!

Step 5. Build out the rest of your letter of engagement

If you haven't done so already, you will want to set up your letter of engagement templates and service schedules.

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