You might want to display the total fee for a particular section rather than a breakdown of all of the line items, for example with the self assessment tax return. 

When you enable this new feature you can set your default fee preferences for by section!

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How To Use

Step 1. Turning the feature on

Login to your GoProposal app and go to Configure > Pricing Tool Set-Up. Ensure Pricing Settings have been selected on the left hand tab.

Scroll down and place a tick in the box beneath section sub totals.

Step 2. Setting your preferences

Once you've enabled the feature, go to Configure > Line Items to set your default preferences.

Each section will have a drop down menu which allows you to decide how you want to display fees for that section in the proposal. You can still override these when you create a proposal if need be!

Save your settings when you're done.

Step 3. Preview your changes

You can preview these changes by creating and completing a proposal and finding the preview proposal tab.

In the example above, Self Assessment is now quoted as a total for the section since this was set in Step 2. 

Overriding Defaults

You can override your default preferences when creating a proposal.

Step 1. Create a proposal and get the fee

You'll want to create a proposal as normal and hit get calculation.

Step 2. Click the eye icon beside monthly totals and one off costs

This will show the breakdown of fees by individual line item.

By the side of each section you will see two icons which allow you to overwrite how you want to display the fees for those sections.

To display total fee for the section in your proposal

Display breakdown of fees for section in proposal (line items)

Step 3. Preview your proposal

Scroll down the page and preview your proposal to check the changes you have made. 

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