Bringing your team on this journey is key because they will benefit from GoProposal too. They will have greater clarity over what services your clients should be getting and at what level, they will stop doing more than they should and start being valued more.

So it's important to feedback to your team AND to the new team in your corner which is the GoProposal Community. These are hundreds of your peers, all wanting to cheer you on and help you to move forward in your firm.

STEP 1 - Feedback to the team [25 mins]

Once you’ve had your first client meeting using GoProposal, share the experience with your team and communicate how they will benefit from you using this. A great way to help with this is to show them the “Why GoProposal is so Important” video

STEP 2 - Share your Experience with the GoProposal Community [5 mins]

After your first client meeting with GoProposal, share your experience in our Community. They will cheer you on and help you with any challenges you may have. Just head over of the GoProposal Community and share your experience.

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