NOTE: This has replaced the mid-year catch up. Read on to find out how it works and how to configure this.

Some services such as annual accounts will require 12 months of work no matter what month of your clients financial year you commence the work.

This forms the basis of the alignment fee. Read on to discover how it works.

Explainer Video - Alignment Fee

How It Works

When you create a proposal, the difference between your start date and end date may be under 12 months.

If this is the case and you choose 'Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax Return' to be part of this proposal, an alignment fee will be calculated by default.

Your client can decide whether they would like to pay this fee monthly or as a one off cost. 

The fee and their preferred method of payment will be represented in the proposal PDF with the cost.

How To Configure The Alignment Fee

You can tweak how the alignment fee is presented to your client and which line items and proposal types you want to apply the fee too 👍 

Step 1. Go to Configure > Pricing Tool-Set-Up > Alignment Fee

Log in to the admin area of your app and go to pricing tool set up. Ensure you have the alignment fee selected on the left hand tab.

Step 2. Configure your settings

On this page, you can configure the alignment fee to work and look exactly as you want it.

Apply to which line items

Type in this box which line items you want an alignment fee to apply to. By default, this is set to be your Annual Accounts. 

Apply to which proposals

Choose which proposal types you want to apply the fee too, alternatively you can type in 'all proposals.'

Alignment Fee Explanation on Tool

The idea is that you use GoProposal live with your clients to drive the right conversations. Therefore you can dictate how you want to describe the alignment fee on the calculation interface.

The above text will appear as follows when you create a proposal..

Alignment Fee Explanation in PDF (monthly) 

Construct the explanation for the alignment fee as you'd like it to appear in the PDF. This is in the case that your client wants to pay for it monthly.

This would transform as follows in the PDF document..

Alignment Fee Explanation in PDF (one off cost)

Dictate how you want the alignment fee to be explained in the PDF, if your client is paying it as a one off cost.

Which would appear as follows in the proposal PDF..

Step 3. Save your settings

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