If your client needs to pay a tax on the overall fee of their proposal then you'll want to ensure you set this up correctly in your pricing settings.

Step 1. Adding in Your Tax Rates

You can add in as many different tax rates to the system as you need, so you can apply different rates to different services where necessary (see Step 2). 

Go to Configure > Pricing Tool-Set up..

and scroll down the page to the Tax Rates section.

Note: Ensure you add in all the different rates you might want to apply to your services and then choose your default. Your default rate will apply to the fees for all services unless otherwise specified.

Select 'add new tax rate' and a popup box will appear..

  • Choose your tax label (e.g. VAT/GST/Reduced Rate) 
  • Set e the percentage tax you'd like to associate with this label.
  • If using the Xero or Quickbooks integration, then choose here which tax you'd like to pass through to these systems.

Step 2. Applying different rates to different services

Certain services may be subject to a reduced tax rate or no tax and you can set these rates against an individual service.

Once you have added in all of your tax rates in Step 1, go to Configure > Line Items..

.. select edit line next to the service you want to alter the tax rate for.

A pop up box should appear which will allow you to configure your line item and choose your tax rate.

Once you've saved your line item, follow the same procedure for any other services you need to apply different tax to.

Step 3. Preview Your Changes

Once you have set your tax labels and settings, these should automatically apply when you create a proposal and hit get calculation.

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