Need to locate a specific proposal or get an overview of how many proposals you won in a set time period?

There are various ways you can filter your proposals to find what you are looking for.

Filtering Your Proposals

Follow the steps below to understand how to filter your proposals.

Step 1. Head to your proposal dashboard

Log in to the admin section of your app and go to your proposal dashboard. 

Step 2. Use the filter bar along the top of the page 

Define your search criteria using the drop down and free text options at the top of this page.

You will see from the drop downs that you can filter your proposals by status (won/live), the type of proposal, the time period it was produced in, the staff member who produced it, the principal in charge of the assignment or the person responsible for servicing the client. 

Step 3. Hit filter

Once you have made your choices, select filter from the right hand side of the bar.

Exporting The Data

You can export the results of your searches using the export to CSV button at the bottom right of the page. 

Need To Find A Specific Proposal? 

If you want to find a specific proposal buried within your dashboard, you might prefer to search for this using our search function.

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