Note: If you're new to GoProposal, it is best to get a general overview of how the letter of engagement is set-up in Go Proposal which can be found here.

What is the Confirmation Section? 

The confirmation section forms the final page of your letter of engagement in GoProposal, and is included in every letter irrespective of the letter template you need to use when you create a proposal for your client. 

Editing The Confirmation Section

Step 1. Go to Configure > Letter of Engagement

Log in to the admin area of your app and go to Letter of Engagement Types, which will bring up a full list of all of your letter templates. More on these here.

Step 2. Scroll down to your universal content

Below your letter of engagement templates on this page, you will find your universal content.

This is content that is pulled into your system irrespective of the letter of engagement template chosen for your client.

Step 3. Edit your confirmation section

On this page, you can find the confirmation text which appears at the end of your letter of engagement..

any changes you make here will effect the corresponding page in your letter: 

Signature and No Signature Confirmations

We have two confirmations in GoProposal, signature and no signature required. 

This is so that you can ensure you are using the correct terminology in your letters, if you don't need to take a signature for certain types of work.

You can control the type of letter of engagement you want to send out and signature  requirements within each proposal template.

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