What Is The Please Note Section?

The please note section appears beneath the table of fees in your proposal. You can use this to reference important proposal details such as how long it is valid for and other information you may need to communicate.

You can also include a table with key dates and the firms turnover in this section.

You can configure the wording for this section for different proposal templates, or change it every time you create a proposal depending on your needs.

A. Editing From Your Admin Area

This option is better if you are wanting to make a change to the please note section that will affect all clients you use this template for.

Step 1. Go to Configure > Proposal Templates & E-mails

Step 2. Edit your proposal template

Step 3. Tweak the please note section

A pop-up box will appear that enables you to edit various features of the proposal.

Ensure you have the PDF tab selected..

.. and scroll down to the please note section to edit the content within it, or switch it on/off using the green toggle.

You can switch the revenue and dates table off if you'd prefer.

Step 4. Save your changes once you're done

You might also want to preview the changes you have made.

B. Editing When Creating a Proposal

You can also tweak your please note section once you have created a proposal and completed the client details.. for example if there is something bespoke you would like to include in this clients proposal (such as an hourly billed service or R&D tax work note).

.. just scroll down and open up the tab to edit the introduction and please note.

This way you can include any bespoke client details in the proposal without needing to change anything within the admin area.

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