Once your client has approved their proposal or letter of engagement, they can be redirected to any URL you would like them to land on.

For example, some of our members like to embed thank you videos on their web page and redirect a client there once they have accepted.

Others will use google forms embedded on their website to capture further details beyond acceptance!

Learn how you can set this up with your proposal templates.

Setting up a re-direct when a proposal is accepted

*Please note: If you are using the GoCardless integration and you have your integration settings set to take payment 'after' acceptance rather than 'during', then this is considered a redirect which means you won't be able to do the below.

Go to Configure > Proposal Templates & E-mails

Select edit or add a new proposal template depending on what you are looking to do.

Add the URL into the Redirect when this Proposal is Accepted field:

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