You can upload a director or partners signature to GoProposal so that it is always included in the letter of engagement sent to your clients.

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Step By Step Guide

Step 1. Configure > Letter of Engagement > Principals

This is where you can add all the principals in charge of your firm.

Step 2. Edit principal

Step 3. Upload your signature

Step 4. Save principal

Step 5. Switch over to the Letter of Engagement Types tab

Step 6. Check box to include principal signature in the Letter of Engagement

Scroll down the page to the confirmation section, and check the box to instruct the system to include a principal signature in the engagement letter.

Step 7. Save your changes

How Will It Work?

If you have multiple principals or partners of your firm, the signature and details of this person will pull through into the engagement letter dependent on who is chosen when completing proposal details.

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