GoProposal pricing plans can be found on the website here.

What does 5 proposals a month mean?

Our solo plan allows you to create and send up to 5 proposals per month with one user on your account, so is perfect for firms looking to scale and better control their profitability.

Proposals that remain in draft do not count, nor do edits of existing proposals where you are creating second or multiple versions.

When does the limit reset?

After your first 30 days of a paying member, your proposal limit will reset on the first of every calendar month.

What else is included?

You will receive free access to the GoProposal academy, an 8 step accredited training programme which will support you as you launch your new pricing and processes (this can be purchased separately for £460).

Access to our facebook community of over 1,000 members is also included within this and you can, of course, get all the support and training you need from the team.

Can I speak to someone to help me make a decision?

If you have any questions or you're trying to evaluate if this plan is right for you, get in touch via the chat or give us a call on 0161 711 0797.

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