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How to add the Key Dates table as a Merge Tag
How to add the Key Dates table as a Merge Tag

How and where to add your Key Dates table as a Merge Tag

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When filling out the Key Dates Table within your line items, this is automatically pulled through to your Letter Of Engagement. A Merge Tag can be added to your Proposal Template so this also pulls through to your Proposal PDF.

Step 1 - Where to add the Key Dates merge tag

The first thing you'll want to do is head to Configure > Templates and Emails.

Then select 'Edit' beside the template you'd like to add the Merge Tag to.

Step 2 - How to add the Merge Tag

Once you have opened the proposal template, head to the section you would like to add your Key Dates merge tag in and select 'Add Merge Tag'.

Once you have selected this dropdown, a list of Merge Tags that are available will be shown for you to choose from.

Scroll down on the list, and select 'Key Dates Table'.

Once you have selected the 'Key Dates Table', remember to save your template!

Step 3 - How this looks in your Proposal

Once you have added the Merge Tag and save your Proposal Template, you'll want to make sure the Key Dates have been configured within your line items.

On the Create Proposal page, select your line items as usual and select 'Get Calculation' & 'Complete Proposal'.

Scroll down to your Proposal PDF, and you will be able to view the Key Dates Table from the area in your Proposal Template that you added this in to.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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