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Number Range Pricing and how it works
Number Range Pricing and how it works

Number range pricing is a powerful pricing variation as it works cumulatively.

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Number range pricing is a great way to price for services like Payroll where you can charge a different unit cost dependent upon the number of units you are delivering.

This pricing variation allows you to set a higher cost for the first person, even when two people are selected.

How it works

Number range pricing enables you to charge for your service in a cumulative fashion. When you create a proposal and charge for a service in this way, the system will prompt you to provide a quantity.

How to Use

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items  > Edit Line 

Line items are the services you offer to your clients. To price for a service using the number range method, hit edit line. A good example to use this against is payroll.

Step 2. Pricing > Pricing Type > Number Range Price

Scroll to pricing type and choose 'number range price' from the dropdown.

Step 3. Set the Field Label

Decide how you would like to apply the number range strategy. In payroll, we would set the label to the 'number of employees'.

Step 4. Set the price for each range

Set your ranges and decide the fee for every person/unit in this range. 

Using payroll as an example, 5 employees on payroll would incur a fee of (£15 x 1) + (£13 x 1) + (£8 x 3) = £52.

Step 5. Save your line item

When you're happy, hit save. Alternatively, you can add a calculation to layer the complexity of this price further.

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