Get Started with GoProposal

Welcome to your fast-track guide in getting started with GoProposal. This guide will get you to the point of confidently producing your first proposal with a client or a prospect.

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Your Dashboard

Learn about the Dashboard features and how to manage them

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Creating, sending & managing proposals

Everything you need to know about sending a proposal and managing your existing propsoals.

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Line Items

Adding and managing the line items for your services.

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Engagement Letters

Set up your Engagement Letters so you can start sending these with your proposals.

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Templates & Emails

How to set up and configure your templates & emails

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Connect GoProposal to the rest of the software in your business.

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The Contact Hub

Your how-to guide for setting up the Contact Hub within GoProposal

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OverSuite® for GoProposal

The GoProposal OverSuite™ is on add-on product which will create and manage a set of robust Engagement Letters for your firm.

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GoProposal AML

Get started with GoProposal AML!

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Pricing Tool Setup

Configure certain settings which contribute to the prices you charge

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The AppsMap™

Learn about our AppsMap feature and how you can use this in your business.

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Company Settings

Add your company details and personalise your app with your brand

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Adding Your Team

Add new members of your team and configure their settings and privileges

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Your Account

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Sign-Up Questions

If you have some questions about GoProposal before signing up, here the answers.

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Troubleshooting Challenges

Your how-to guide for quickly resolving challenges you might find using the app.

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