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Variation Prices And How They Work
Variation Prices And How They Work

Variation Pricing is the most versatile pricing option and provides great clarity to your clients and team

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Variation Pricing will become a great ally in the way you price your services as it provides the greatest flexibility.

Watch this explainer video to see how they work and how to configure them.

How It Works

The variation method of pricing lets you price for a line item based on variants that effect the level of service output. A service priced in this way will have a drop-down when you create a proposal:-

In the example above, there will be a different fee associated with your client receiving monthly credits from your finance director vs. a bookkeeper in your business.

How To Use

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items  > Edit Line 

Line items are the services you offer to your clients. To price for a service using the variation method, hit edit line next to that service.

Step 2. Pricing Type > Variation Price

Scroll to pricing type and choose 'variation price' from the dropdown.

Step 3. Set the Field Label

Decide what you want the price of this service to vary upon. For monthly credits, this could the level of credits offered to the client.

Step 4. Set the price for each variant

Define the price for each level. 

In this example, your client would be charged £70 a month for a monthly credit from your Finance Director (this is approximately 30mins of the FDs time). They would be charged £25 if they chose to receive this from a bookkeeper.

Step 5. Save

Once happy, save your line item. Alternatively, you can build up the fee by adding a calculation. 

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