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Create and tweak packages in GoProposal
Create and tweak packages in GoProposal

Preselect the services and upsells you want to include in your packages

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Packages are a great way for you to devise different combinations of services and upsells to sell to different niches and business sizes.

These are great starting points for you and your team to present to your clients. This is how easy it is to configure packages.

How It Works

You can choose to load up a package when you create a proposal

This will pre load the services and up-sells you have chosen to add to the package..

How To Add A Package

Step 1. Go to Configure > Packages

Log in to the admin area of your app and go to package configuration. 

Step 2. Add a package

This will draw up a list of your current packages. To add a new package, select 'add package template. Alternatively, you can edit an existing one.

Step 3. Creating your your package

You will create your package similar to how you would create a proposal.

Then you can configure the basic settings so that your package is tailored to a particular annual revenue range, proposal type and letter of engagement.

👆You can still edit a package once you have selected it, this just serves as a good starting point for you and your team.

Finally.. you'll want to go through and select the services you want to include in that package. 

Be as complex as you need to be using the roadmap feature and variations, the system will store this info! 

Step 4. Save your package.

Hiding Services From Your Package

If you want to prevent certain services from appearing when you load your package (see how it works section above), you can do this easily by toggling the included button off for that section or service.

Hiding line items

Hiding an entire section

To hide an entire section, you only need ensure the included button for the section is switched off. The status of the line items will then not matter.

Step 4. Save your package!

You can now test it out by creating a proposal and loading your package up. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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