How To Setup Your Letters of Engagement

Follow this three step process to learn how to set up your letters of engagement in Go Proposal.

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Go Proposal will automate the creation of perfect letters of engagement for every proposal you send to your clients.

Read on to understand how you can set these up.

Please note if you are a UK member and subscribed to the GoProposal OverSuite then this will handle the set up of your Engagement Letters for you. Click through to this article on how you can amend your engagement letter content.

Explainer Video - Set Up Engagement Letters

An Overview of The Engagement Letter Setup

An engagement letter generated when creating a proposal is comprised of the following elements:

  • Introduction and Scope of the Engagement Letter

  • Your Standard Terms and Conditions

  • Service Schedules (specific to the services being provided to your client)

  • An Agreement Statice (confirmation)

  • A Privacy Notice (optional)

Engagement letters you produce for different entities and clients (e.g. limited companies vs. partnerships) will require different introductory and scope content, and also must correctly reflect the services you are providing with Service Schedules.

To make the automation of the correct engagement letter possible every time, each of these elements need need to be added separately into GoProposal.

The below steps will take you through how to do this..

Getting Started

🚀 To get started, you will want to open up your current engagement letter. We would recommend starting with your most important letter for an initial set up!

You will the need to copy and paste various parts of this letter into GoProposal by following the steps below.

If you are a UK member and would like GoProposal to handle the creation and set up of your engagement letters, in line with your current Governing Body regulations, click here.

Important Note Before You Start

When copying and pasting from your letter of engagement into the GoProposal, it is best to initially copy the information into a plain text editor such as notepad.

Once you've done that, copy the text from notepad and paste it into the system. This avoids bits of code lurking in the background and affecting your formatting.

Step By Step Setup Guide

All of your engagement letter content should be added to your Engagement Letter Suite (with the exception of Service Schedules as illustrated in Step 2).

Head to Configure > Engagement Letters and follow the steps below to set up this content.

Step 1. Set up your Scope Library

It is likely you will want to issue different letters of engagement to the different entities you work with.

You can upload these templates to your Scope Library so that you can pull the correct content through when you create a proposal.

Replace our default content with your own by editing the template you are going to add in first..

..and copy and paste the introductory and scope content from your current template into the relevant boxes.

We recommend that you only have one set of terms and conditions for all your letters of engagement, however if necessary you can add them in with specific templates.

Alternatively you can opt to include a universal set of T&C's which will pull through into all of your letters irrespective of the template chosen from your Scope Library at the create proposal stage (Step 2).

Save your template once you are happy with it!

Step 2. Add your Terms and Conditions

The next step is to copy and paste your firms standard terms and conditions into your GoProposal app, so that these can automatically pull through to every Engagement Letter.

To add or edit your T&C's, open up the section using the arrow indicated below.

From here, you will be able to add or amend your Terms and Conditions.

Every engagement letter in GoProposal has a Schedule of Services section, enabling you to pull key service terms through to your documents dynamically where required for that client.

To make this possible, service schedules need to be added in with individual line items as per the steps in this article.

You can tweak the way you introduce this section in your Engagement Letter by opening up the Schedule of Services tab in Configure > Engagement Letters.

Step 4. Setting up your Agreement Statements

Your agreement statements are pulled into all of your letters of engagement, irrespective the services selected or the template used from your Scope Library.

You can tweak this content by opening up your Agreement Statements tab..

..and adding or editing the Confirmation Statements as you need.

GoProposal facilitates two types of confirmations, a signature and none signature version.

This allows you to pull through a different confirmation to your engagement letter in cases where you are not requiring a signature.

You can define how you would like your letters to be approved (signature vs. no signature) within each proposal template.

Step 5. Privacy notice (optional)

You can opt to include your Privacy Notice as part of your Engagement Letters.

To add or edit your Privacy Notice, open up the section using the arrow indicated below.

Add or amend your Privacy Notice within the box provided.

If you don't want to include a privacy notice, switch this off using the slider.

Step 6. Saving Settings and Bringing It All Together

Always make sure you save your settings as you work through the set up.

To bring everything together, create a proposal and select the engagement letter template you set up in Step 1.. any services you included Service Schedules for in Step 2..

and then complete your proposal, scrolling through the complete details section to preview your letter!

You should be able to see how all of the content you have set up has pulled together automatically to generate the correct engagement letter for your client!

What's Next?

To enhance your engagement letters from a compliance perspective, you can include a table of Key Service Dates and Letterhead Components such as Footers, Professional Body Legends and a List of Directors to your documents.

You'll also want to make sure you have assigned all directors/members/partners of your organisation as Key People in GoProposal so you can pull their names through to engagement letters.

Further Support?

There are additional ways we can help you with your Engagement Letters if you are struggling.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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