Go Proposal will automate the creation of perfect letters of engagement for every proposal you send to your clients.

To make this possible and dynamic every time, an initial set up is required. Read the article below or watch the below video discover how you can do this.

Explainer Video - How To Set-Up Your Letters of Engagement

An Overview of The Engagement Letter Setup

For a fully automated, dynamic letter of engagement that works for every client, you will need to set up the following:

  1. Your Engagement Letter Templates
  2. Your Universal Content (for all letters, irrespective of the template chosen)
  3. Service Schedules, which form a separate section of the letter of engagement and are included only when those services apply to that proposal.

🚀 To get started, open up your current letter of engagement and work through the steps below.

Step By Step Setup Guide

Step 1. Adding in your letter of engagement templates

You will probably have different letters of engagement for sole traders, limited companies and other entities.

Once you have added these into the system, you will be able to choose the correct one for every proposal you create.

Click here to understand how to add these into GoProposal.

Step 2. Adding in your service schedules

No matter which template you choose, each letter will have a Schedule of Services section which will be automatically populated with the services chosen in the proposal and the associated legal content.

To make this possible, you will want to add your service schedules in with your line items as per the steps in this article.

Step 3. Configuring your universal content

Universal content is pulled into all of your letters of engagement, irrespective of the services selected or the template chosen.

For example the confirmation to the engagement letter.

You can tweak this as per the article here.


When copying and pasting from your letter of engagement into the GoProposal, it is best to initially copy the information into a plain text editor such as notepad.

Once you've done that, copy the text from notepad and paste it into the system. This avoids bits of code lurking in the background and effecting your formatting.

Further Support?

If you're struggling with your engagement letter or just don't have the time to add this in we have a few options for you

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