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How To Integrate Karbon With GoProposal
How To Integrate Karbon With GoProposal

The step-by-step guide that shows you how to integration Karbon with GoProposal

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If you want to get your Karbon Integration all setup and working, follow these keys steps!

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How To Set Up (Step By Step)

Before you start ...
Before you set up the integration, you'll want to make sure you have set up your work templates in Karbon and then the associated line items (services) in GoProposal.

Getting set up ...


In your GoProposal App, Head to Settings > Integrations > Karbon


How to get the Karbon Access Key.

To generate your Karbon access key, you'll want to head to Karbon and go to Settings > Connected Apps.

From here, select connect next to GoProposal and copy the connection token that is generated for you.


Time to paste the token into GoProposal.

Paste this token into the Karbon Access Key field on your Karbon integration page.

Don't forget to save your settings!


Assigning your line items in GoProposal to jobs in Karbon.

Head to Configure > Line items.

For every service which has a matching work template in Karbon, select edit line.

From the integrations tab, you will see the option to assign the line item to a Karbon work template.

This means that when your client signs a proposal and engagement letter containing this line item, this work template will be triggered in Karbon.

Repeat these steps for all of the services you need to associate to work templates.


Triggering workflows for specific proposal templates.

You can also trigger work templates in Karbon where specific proposal templates have been sent out to your client.

For example, for new clients you may choose to trigger your client onboarding workflow if this is setup in Karbon.

To do this, head to Configure > Templates & E-mails and 'edit' a template.

From the Karbon tab, type in the workflows you'd like to be triggered when a proposal of this type is accepted.

Save this template once finished.

What dates will be pulled through?

The dates entered within the Create Proposal page will be pulled through to Karbon, this is the 'Start Date'.

What Next?

Using the Integration...

When you create a proposal, you will now have the option to pull an existing contact from Karbon or add a new contact.

If this proposal is accepted and the letter of engagement is signed by your client, then the work templates needed will be triggered in Karbon (providing these line items have been connected as per Step 4).

To make sure your integration works seamlessly, confirm that the email associated with your GoProposal user profile is the same as the email associated with your user profile in Karbon. This allows the assignee to be recognised when the work flow is triggered upon the proposal acceptance.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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