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Moving line items and sections
Moving line items and sections

Changing the position of a line item or section

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Moving line items and sections in GoProposal is a very simple drag and drop exercise.

The below video explains how this works:

When you are in GoProposal, if you go to configure, line items, you will be presented with all of your services. This is where all these changes can be made.

Moving sections

To move a section, the first place you want to go to is the top right hand corner of the section where you will see a 4 pointed arrow, as with the below screenshot:

As you select this, if you hold your mouse cursor down it will present you with a red arrow and grey bar that will show you how to move the section, like the below:

The position you move this to as you hold down the mouse will determine its position, simply release your mouse click to move it there.

Moving line items

To move line items, when you hover over any line item you will be presented with a 4 pointed arrow as your cursor, like the below screenshot:

If you click and hold down your mouse, this will show you a red pointer to determine the position of the line item, and a translucent version of the line item to show you where your cursor is, like the below:

You can move this to any position you need, even between sections, and release the mouse click to place it somewhere else.

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