Proposal Templates are fundamental to GoProposal. This video show you how to better manage and organise your different proposal templates.

What Are Proposal Template? 

The proposal template will be one of the first things you will select when creating a proposal:-

The type chosen will drive what the PDF for that proposal and e-mails to your client will look like.

In GoProposal, you can have as many different templates as you like. For example, proposals for new clients, fee reviews, extra work orders or even proposals tailored towards different industries.

This allows you to really tailor the content in each proposal you create to a specific niche or work order. 

Manage Your Proposal Types

Your proposal templates can be managed by logging into the admin area of your app and going to configure > proposal templates & e-mails.

This is where you will add new templates and edit the content within them. On this page, you can do the following..

Add a new proposal template

Add a new new proposal type and configure the content.

Edit an existing proposal template

Edit an existing proposal type, such as the PDF content and e-mails.

Duplicate a proposal template

This is great when you are happy with your proposal type and want to create different versions for different niches or work orders.

Delete a proposal template

If you need to delete a proposal type. 

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