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Understand what merge fields are and how to use them
Understand what merge fields are and how to use them

Merge fields minimise the admin work required from you and your team by automatically pulling key information through to your documents.

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Merge fields are available in various areas of Go Proposal, such as when you are constructing the wording for your proposals or client e-mails.

They are a great way to automate the inclusion of key information to your content, such as your clients name or a team members telephone number.

Where can I find merge fields?

Merge fields are available when editing text content in various parts of the GoProposal app.

For example, when editing the wording for sections in your proposal PDF, constructing your letters of engagement or tweaking client and staff e-mail content.

You can use them wherever you see the add merge tag dropdown.

Just select the merge field you need from the menu.

Some useful merge fields to be aware of are listed below 😍

Letter of Engagement Accept Page Button or Link

This merge field will automatically place an acceptance button in the e-mail your client receives.

This allows them to click through and approve their documents from the e-mail they receive when you send them a proposal.

Proposal PDF Link

The proposal PDF link merge field can be included wherever you want to give somebody a link to a proposal.

For example, you might find this useful in the e-mail that gets sent to a team member when a letter of engagement is signed (the Wahoo e-mail).

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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