You can export a list of your proposals with key data to a CSV file, directly from your proposal dashboard. 

This is great if you need to import the key information into other apps or store your data in spreadsheet software such as excel or google sheets. 

How to Export Your Data

Step 1. Go to your proposal dashboard

Log in to the admin section of your app and select the 'Proposals' tab which will bring up a list of your proposals.

Step 2. Search for the proposals you want to export

If you want to export a certain set of proposals, such as those sent out during a specific time period, first filter your proposals. 

If you just want to export your current view, leave things as be.

Step 3. Export 

At the bottom of the page, click "Export to CSV" 

Step 4. Open file

Once the CSV file is downloaded, select it and it should open in your default spreadsheet software.

Alternatively, you can save and open it up manually in google sheets, excel or import into other applications.

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