Our Senta integration will help you to further whip your on-boarding process into shape by instantly triggering key workflows upon your client signing their letter of engagement. This is how to get it up and running.

How To Setup

Before you can bring this integration into play you'll want to have both of your systems set up correctly. Ensure you are happy with your line items in GoProposal and create services to match these line items in Senta.

Step 1. Create the connection

Establish the integration by logging into the admin area of your GoProposal app and going to Settings > Integration > Senta. 

Copy and paste your Senta Access Key and subdomain name into the required fields. 

Getting the access key

To get your access key open another browser and login to Senta. Go to Settings > Users > Add Integration. You'll be prompted to name the integration (e.g. goproposal). Hit 'Generate API key' and copy this key.

Getting the subdomain name

Your senta subdomain is the URL of your senta workspace without the “https://” or the “.senta.co."

Save your settings once complete. 

Step 2. Match your line items to Senta workflows

Now you'll need to attribute your GoProposal line items to the workflows you want them to trigger in Senta. 

In Go Proposal, go to Configure > Line Items.

Select edit line next to a service

Match the line item to the related Senta service using the drop down.

Step 3. Assign workflow bundles

You can also assign a proposal type to a bundle of workflows so that every time a proposal of that type is signed, other key processes can be triggered. For example, your welcome process.

In GoProposal, go to Configure > Proposal Types & E-mails.

Edit a proposal type.

Select the Senta tab. Assign as many workflows as you like to Senta Services.

This will only apply to a proposal of this type so that you can be specific in the processes you apply.

Once you're done, save. 

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