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How Can I Create A Proposal For Multiple Entities or Companies
How Can I Create A Proposal For Multiple Entities or Companies

How to use our Multiple Entities feature to price more than one company or individual in the same proposal.

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What Is The Multiple Entities Feature?

Our multiple entities feature allows you to build a proposal that includes a range of services with a unique scope for every company or individual that it includes. 

It means you no longer have to do several proposals for a client who looks after many interests or businesses.

Our Explainer Video

We've done a quick video summarising this feature here, that will give you a good grasp of the feature and how it works. You can check this video out here!

How It Works

Enabling Multiple Entities

The first thing you want to do is enable the Multiple Entities feature. If you go into your admin section, under configure, then pricing tool set up, you will see a standalone 'Multiple Entities' tab.

Building Your Multiple Entities Proposal

Now that you have enabled the feature, you will be able to produce proposals with multiple entities included in the set up.

As you add more entities, you will have the option to develop the criteria for each one.

As you select services you will be able to decide which Entity it is related to.

You will also be able to add multiple entities to an individual service by hitting the 'plus' sign, and select different criteria for the scope.

On the calculations page when you expand the calculations, you will be able to see and edit the cost breakdown for each entity, so you have full control over every aspect of your proposal.

The Proposal And Letter Of Engagement

In the proposal document that goes to the client it will be clear what service is related to which entity so the client has everything nicely laid out for them.

Finally in the Letter of Engagement you can use the 'entities list' merge tag to pull through all your entity names and ensure your contract is robust for the client to sign (learn more about editing your Letter of Engagement) .

The Letter of Engagement will still only require one signature, and you can make sure the whole process for working with multiple entity proposals is slick and hassle free!

Discover More!

To really kick on with GoProposal and get the most out of what we can offer, check out the Resources Page on our website!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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