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Generating An Invoice in Quickbooks/Xero from GoProposal
Generating An Invoice in Quickbooks/Xero from GoProposal

When you are integrated with Quickbooks or Xero, GoProposal will send invoices over to them automatically.

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When your letter of engagement has been signed by your client, GoProposal can be integrated to send the invoice over to Quickbooks or Xero so you don't have to worry about creating this.

Once they've been generated, you'll just want to head over to Xero or Quickbooks and set them up as recurring if they are not Autorepeating in GoProposal.

You can see when these have been generated on your proposal dashboard.

Learn more about how these integrations work, and how you can set them up here.

Invoice Not Generating? 

  • Invoices will only be generated when a proposal has been signed or accepted.

  • Please check all of the fields on your Xero/QuickBooks page have been filled out.

  • If the fields are not filled out, or this still isn't working, please try refreshing the connection and then ensuring all of the fields are populated.

You can do this by going to Settings > Integrations > Xero/Quickbooks and toggling the integration on and off using the button below. 

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