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How do I preview changes I have made to my templates?
How do I preview changes I have made to my templates?

Discover how you can preview the changes you have made to a proposal template.

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To see how changes you have made to a template will transform in your proposals, first create a proposal (you can just select any random services) and ensure you have selected the proposal template you have been making changes to in your admin area.

Scroll down, hit get calculation and then choose complete proposal.

Don't worry about filling out any client or staff details, just scroll past all of the fields until you find the preview proposal tab and open this up.

Here, you can preview the proposal to view the changes you have made. 

You can use the refresh icon in the top right of the PDF preview to preview any further changes you make.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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