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How do I Connect Zapier to GoProposal
How do I Connect Zapier to GoProposal

Give your GoProposal app ultimate connectivity with the Zapier integration

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Connecting GoProposal to Zapier and then to the rest of your ecosystem, is super simple.

1. First you need a Zapier account

2. Head to the Integrations tab within your GoProposal app, select Zapier and turn on the integration.

3. You then just need to copy the API Key

4. Head over to Zapier, setup a Zap and choose GoProposal from the list.

5. Then choose what you want to trigger the Zap, whether that's Proposal Created or the Proposal Won.

6. Select which app you'd like to connect GoProposal to.

7. Then marry up the data from GoProposal to the available option in your destination app. The data that can be pulled from GoProposal is:

  • Proposal ID

  • Date Created

  • Company Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Email (CC)

  • Position

  • Office Phone

  • Mobile Phone

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • Address City

  • Address Postcode

  • Address County/State

  • Staff Member

  • Staff Position

  • Staff Email

  • Staff Mobile

  • Staff Phone

  • Staff Office Phone

  • Principle in Charge

  • Person Responsible

  • Follow-up Date

  • Future Goal

  • Future Goal Date

  • Please Note

  • Internal Note

  • Proposal Status

  • Proposal Type

  • Totals Monthly Net

  • Totals Monthly Taxable Net

  • Totals Monthly Tax

  • Totals Monthly Gross

  • Totals One-Off Net

  • Totals One-Off Taxable Net

  • Totals One-Off Tax

  • Totals One-Off Gross

  • Totals Annualised Net

  • Totals Annualised Tax

  • Totals Annualised Gross

  • Proposal URL

  • Acceptance Page URL

  • Proposal PDF (document)

  • Letter of Engagement PDF (document)

  • Line Items (as a list)

The Zap will then be automatically triggered when the Proposal is created or won.

As each Zap is so varied in its possibility, unfortunately we can't support this integration beyond connecting GoProposal to Zapier.

Please be mindful that there may be a few minutes delay in the Zap being triggered.

This integration should give you enormous flexibility.

Have further questions? Contact us in the chat box below.

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