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I can't seem to find an existing proposal on my dashboard?
I can't seem to find an existing proposal on my dashboard?

Learn what to do if you can't find a proposal you previously sent out or saved as a draft.

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All of the proposals you save as drafts or send to clients will be stored on your proposal dashboard.

If you can't seem to locate an existing proposal, then please read through the below checks to see if we can help you find it!

Check 1. Is your filter bar set to the correct time period?

Your proposal dashboard shows proposals from the past 30 days by default. Try using the dropdown and changing this to all time to see if you can find your proposal.

Check 2. Can you find the proposal by searching for it?

Use the search bar in the top right to search for a specific proposal by company name, proposal ID, first name, last name or your clients e-mail address.

For further guidance on using this feature, click here.

Check 3. For a recently created proposal, did it finish saving?

Whenever you create a proposal and either save it as a draft or send it to your client, you'll want to wait until you have seen the success page before leaving the page.

If you can't remember seeing this, it may not have completed saving, so we'd recommend starting that one again.. sorry 😫

Still can't find it?

No problem. Drop us a message in the chat below 👍

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