The GoProposal & Dext Integration isn’t just about connecting two platforms, it’s about creating an indisputable method for pricing your services, backed by data, so that anyone on your team can confidently do it.

You can learn more about how the integration works here.

Connecting Dext and GoProposal is simple. Here's how to do it..

Step 1. Generate your Dext API key for GoProposal

To get started you'll need to generate an API token in Dext which you will copy and paste into GoProposal in Step 2.

To do this login to Dext, and go to Your Settings > API.

Name your API token e.g. GoProposal and hit create..

.. and copy the token to your clipboard.

Please store this somewhere safe and protect it as you would a password. This is the only place you will ever see it.

Step 2. Connecting Dext to GoProposal

Explainer video - From start to finish

Step by step setup

In your GoProposal app, go to Settings > Integrations > Dext | Precision

.. and paste your Dext Precision API Token into the field provided.

Great.. you're connected!

Next, you can decide whether you want to average the Dext activity data over 3 months or 12 months

You can set different time periods for different proposal templates, as it’s possible for new clients you may want to average out accounts data from the past 12 months.

In the case of a Quarterly Bookkeeping Review, you'd only want to average data over the past 3 months..

👆 Use the crosses to move proposal templates from one time period to another.

Step 3. Mirror your line items with activity metrics

The next step is defining which activity metrics in Dext you would like to use for your services in GoProposal.

Head to Configure > Line Items..

.. and hit edit line next to a service you want to use Dext metrics to inform.

From the popup move over to the Integrations tab and toggle Dext Precision on for that service..

.. and then head back to the Pricing tab and scroll down to Dext Precision.

You can choose which metric to use from the dropdown for this pricing type..

.. and where you choose 'don't use global activity metric' then no metrics will be shown against this pricing type.

Applying metrics to calculations

You can use Dext Precision data to help you with calculations you have added in to your line items, as well as your foundational pricing method.

Now follow this process for any other line items where data driven pricing will be useful for you.

For example, with your raising and sending invoices line item, grabbing the total monthly sales invoices recorded in Dext Precision would be useful..

Step 4. Seeing it in action

Once you've followed the process in Step 2 for all of the line items you need, create a proposal and click the data driven pricing button within your basic information..

.. and search for the client you are producing a proposal for.

What Next?

You'll see Dext Precision metrics as you fill out your clients basic information.

And as you create your proposal, you will see the activity metrics you set up in Step 2 by each of the services..

So it will just be a case of running through the proposal as normal, and having even more insight into the numbers behind the scope you are selecting.

This will mean the pricing is even more clear and transparent to you, your team, and most importantly your clients.

Welcome to data driven pricing 🚀

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