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Steps to take in GoProposal if an e-mail didn't hit your clients inbox.
Steps to take in GoProposal if an e-mail didn't hit your clients inbox.

In GoProposal we have an e-mail deliverability scoring system, which will show you what can be improved AND exactly how to improve it.

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If an e-mail doesn't seem to have reached your clients primary inbox. don't worry.

It might be that it's hitting their spam filter or promotions tab.

We have devised our own spam checking feature at GoProposal which assigns you an e-mail deliverability score, so you can understand exactly how you can prevent this from happening.

How To Improve Your E-mail Deliverability

STEP 1. Go to Configure > Templates & E-mails

The e-mail your client will receive containing their proposal is managed from your templates, so head here first.

STEP 2. Select edit next to the proposal template you're interested in

Choose the template you need to check the e-mail deliverability/spam score for.

STEP 3. Navigate to the e-mails tab and hit check e-mail for spam.

Your deliverability score is based on leading experts and well researched factors about the likelihood an e-mail is going to hit promotion tabs or spam filters, and either land in junk or be rejected.

Click 'check e-mail for spam' by the side of your score to understand what you need to do to improve your score.

STEP 4. Make changes in line with the suggestions

Once you've clicked this button, advice bespoke to the content of your e-mail will show.

Make changes in line with the suggestions of our Spam Check.

Your spam score will improve as you make those changes..

once you've reached 100% save your template.

You might just want to repeat this process for any other proposal templates in your system.

What Next?

Once you've made all required changes to your e-mails, you can have confidence that e-mail deliverability in your system will be the best it can be.

If you'd previously sent an e-mail which didn't go through, give this a whirl again and see if your clients confirm that they have this.

Require Support?

If you need any advice or support with this, drop us a message in the chat.

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