Lots of our members have been asking if directors are required to sign their own Letters of Engagement when the company is engaging them to complete their tax returns.

Below is a video from our compliance expert, Valerie Steward, on best practice in these scenarios and what you can do if using OverSuite™.

Should all directors sign their own Letter of Engagement for a Tax Return?

It is Val's preference that all directors of the company receive their own Letter of Engagement for the Tax Return because their contractual right to cancel differs from that of the company, even if the company is paying for the tax return.

It is therefore definitely best practice to send the directors their own Letter of Engagement however if you would prefer to issue one, then provided you request authorisation from all directors whose tax returns you will be completing on the Privacy Notice, and have included the ‘individual tax returns’ service schedule in the main document you can do this.

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