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Relaunch the OverSuite to amend your answers and Letters of Engagement
Relaunch the OverSuite to amend your answers and Letters of Engagement

This is how you relaunch the wizard to change answers to your questions.

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If you are subscribed to the OverSuite for the provision of your Engagement Letters, the first step in setting this up is launching the wizard and answering a series of questions about your firm.

Sometimes, your polices or processes may change and you may need to amend the answers you originally gave.

In other circumstances, our Quarterly review of the compliance landscape may mean we need you to answer more questions.

Here's how you do this..

Step 1. Relaunch the OverSuite Wizard

To relaunch your OverSuite wizard, go to Configure > Engagement Letters > OverSuite.

Within this page you will find all of your current information that is pulling through to your OverSuite content. To edit the information, simply click the 'edit' button which shows to the right hand side of the current information.

Once you click 'edit' a window will load to allow you to change the current information.

Once you have amended the sections you need to, save your settings and the changes will automatically apply to any letters you issue moving forwards.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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