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Produce an Audit Engagement Letter compliantly with OverSuite
Produce an Audit Engagement Letter compliantly with OverSuite

Understand exactly how to produce an audit letter for a client using OverSuite, and what to do if you are also providing other services.

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In order to be compliant it's important that you issue an engagement letter for an Audit correctly. It's therefore crucial that you:

  • Issue engagement letters for audits or independent examinations separate to any other work you have agreed to do for your client. Find out more here.

  • Ensure you have combined the correct scope with the correct Service Schedule.

The video and article below will show you exactly how to produce an Audit Letter of Engagement using OverSuite.

Explainer Video - Produce A Compliant Audit Letter

Produce An Audit Engagement Letter Using OverSuite

Step 1. Select the correct Scope

Using the correct audit scope from OverSuite is crucial to creating a compliant Audit Engagement Letter.

When creating your Letter of Engagement, ensure you select the correct one of the following:

  • Limited Company (Audit)

  • Limited Liability Partnership (Audit)

  • Charity (Audit)

  • Community Interest Company (Audit)

  • Club (Audit)

Step 2. Include the correct Service Schedule

It's crucial that you combine the audit scope with the correct audit schedule, as this sets out the respective responsibilities of the auditor and client.

You need to ensure you have an audit line item configured and matched to the OverSuite Audit service schedule (from Configure > Line Items).

Once you have done so, selecting the Audit line item in your proposal or engagement letter tool will pull the correct schedule through to your letter.

A sense check

Preview your Engagement Letter before sending it out, and ensure you can see the sections below in the format presented.

Audit scope

Audit schedule

This should be in addition to your standard introductions, terms and conditions, privacy notice and agreement statements.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below! 😃

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