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How to use the AccountancyManager integration
How to use the AccountancyManager integration

How and where to use your AccountancyManager Integration

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Now you have your AccountancyManager integration set up, you can look to:

  • Import contact list from AccountancyManager

  • Create a new contact in Accountancy Manager

  • Linking an existing contact in GoProposal to Accountancy Manager

  • Assign line items to tasks within AccountancyManager

How to Import your contact list from Accountancy Manager into the Contact Hub in GoProposal

You may have client or prospect contact records in Accountancy Manager which you would like to import into GoProposal. To do this follow the below steps.

STEP 1: Head to the Contacts tab in your GoProposal App to access the Contact Hub.

STEP 2: To the right hand side, click the 'Import from' button and then select 'AccountancyManager'

STEP 3: You will then be prompted with a message to confirm the import.

It may take a few minutes to import depending on the volume of contacts coming across from AccountancyManager.
Once finished, you will be taken back to your Contact Hub where you should see all of your imported contacts.

Please note: this is not a live streaming link so any updates to contacts or new clients/prospect records will not pull through automatically, you would need to do another import.

STEP 4: When you create a proposal, you can use the 'Select Contact' option to search the contacts within your Contact Hub, which includes all the contacts you have imported from AccountancyManager.

One thing to mention here, is that when a contact has been selected, the contact field may show blank, or only have the primary contact name in, but all the details of the record have successfully pulled through to the 'Complete Proposal' section.

Example: A contact has been selected but the contact field is showing as blank...

...But if we head to the 'Complete proposal' section, we can see all of the contact details have pulled through.

If you need any help, please contact us using the email address at the bottom of this page.

How to create a new contact in Accountancy Manager when creating a proposal in GoProposal

When creating a proposal in GoProposal, you can create the contact record in AccoutancyManager during this process.
This will mean that the contact information in GoProposal will also push through to AccountancyManager and a link will be established immediately.
Follow the steps below to understand how to do this.

STEP 1: Head to the 'Create Proposal' page in your GoProposal App.

STEP 2: When you're in the create proposal page, the first section is to select a contact. This is means you can search for a contact which is already in the GoProposal Contact Hub (if you have imported your contacts from AccountancyManager) or you can look to add in a new contact.
Click the 'or add new contact' button to begin creating a new contact.

STEP 3: You should then see the below options, click the 'Create' button next to the AccountancyManager option.

STEP 4: Once you have clicked 'create' a window will appear which will prompt you to fill in all the fields to pull through the contact information to AccountancyManager.

Once you have filled in the contact information, click the 'Add contact' button at the bottom of the window.

STEP 5: The contact field will then show as blank but this is normal, as the information has been saved and has automatically pulled through to the Complete Proposal section.
The AccountancyManager field will now show as linked.

STEP 6: Complete the proposal as you usually would, then when you get to the Complete Proposal section you will see the contacts information has been auto filled for you.

Once you have completed the proposal, you can then look to send this to your client or prospect.

How to link an existing contact in GoProposal to Accountancy Manager

If you have existing contacts in GoProposal you wish to link up to a contact in Accountancy Manager, you can do this by following the below steps.

STEP 1: Head to the Contacts tab in your GoProposal App to access the Contact Hub.

STEP 2: Search for the contact record you wish to link up to a record in AccountancyManager.

STEP 3: When you have found the contact, click into their record by either clicking on the contact name or on the 'view' to the far right.

STEP 4: In the contact record, scroll down and to the right hand side you will see an section for Integrations.
Here you can see that the record isn't linked, so click the 'edit' button to begin the linking process.

STEP 5: Use the search bar to search for the contact in AccountancyManager you want to link this GoProposal contact to. Then click the Save button.

The contact will then show as Linked to AccountancyManager

How to Assign line items to tasks within AccountancyManager

If you are looking to assign your line items to tasks within AccountancyManager, you'll want to follow the below steps.

STEP 1: Within your GoProposal App, head to Configure > Line items.

STEP 2: Click 'edit' beside the service you would like to assign to a task in AccountancyManager. The edit button shows to the far right of the line item.

STEP 3: When the line item window loads, select the 'Integrations' tab, and you will be able to assign an Accountancy Manager Service.
Make sure to click the 'Save line item' button at the bottom of the window to save the changes.

To add a Custom Service in AccountancyManger navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Services > Custom Services, add the service and click save.
Please note, the Custom Service cannot have exactly the same name as one of the standard services.

Head to the relevant client and under services switch this service on. When you refresh the page you will see a new section on the client's file for this service, and you can set the frequency and a deadline (next Due Date).

Once a proposal is 'won' within GoProposal, the line items linked to a task in AccountancyManager will begin to kick off.

Looking to use Bookkeeping only services?

Within AccountancyManager, head to Settings > Account Settings > Practice Type 'Bookkeepers'.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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