Once you have set up your AccountancyManager Integration, you'll be able to search for prospects and clients within GoProposal on the Create Proposal Page.

Step 1

Where do I find a prospect in GoProposal?

If you are looking to find a prospect/client from AM* within GoProposal, head to the 'Create Proposal' page.

Once you have filled in your proposal details and selected 'Complete Proposal' and 'Get Calculation', you will then be prompted to add in your client details. From the search bar, you can look up prospects and clients within AM*, and pull through their details through.

Once you have searched for the client you'd like to pull through to GoProposal, their details and address will be pulled through and auto filled.

Step 2

Where to find your prospect in AccountancyManager

Within AccountancyManager, head to the main dashboard and select 'Clients'. Within here, you view your prospects, clients & documents.

If you have added a prospect to AM*, and the proposal is accepted & won in GoProposal, this will then move the prospect to the client list.

What happens if a client is marked as lost in GP?

If a client is marked as lost in GP, this will archive the client in AM*. This will move your client from client/prospect to Clients > No Longer a Client.

If the client is incorrectly archived, head to Client > No Longer a Client and select the clients name. You can then select 'Revert Back to Current Client Status', and this will move them back to client/prospect.

Step 3

Assigning line items to tasks within AccountancyManager

If you are looking to assign your line items to tasks within AM*, you'll want to head to the main dashboard within GoProposal > Configure > Line items.

Within your line items, select 'edit' beside the service you would like to assign to a task in AM*. From here, select the 'Integrations' tab, and you will be able to assign an Accountancy Manager Service.

To add a Custom Service in AM* navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Services > Custom Services, add the service and click save. Please note, the Custom Service cannot have exactly the same name as one of the standard services.

Head to the relevant client and under services switch this service on. When you refresh the page you will see a new section on the client's file for this service, and you can set the frequency and a deadline (next Due Date).

Once a proposal is 'won' within GoProposal, the line items linked to a task in AM* will begin to kick off.

Looking to use Bookkeeping only services?

Within AM*, head to Settings > Account Settings > Practice Type 'Bookkeepers'.

Step 4

Looking to jump to the Create Proposal page from a prospect in AM*?

You might be looking to jump to the Create Proposal page from a prospect in AccountancyManager. To do this, head to your 'prospect' list, and select a client.

Scroll down to the 'main contact' details, and select the drop down bar. Here you will be able to select 'Create Proposal in GoProposal', and this will take you to your GoProposal App.

Once in GoProposal on the Create Proposal page, follow the process as normal.


If you have any questions, contact the support team on SupportGoProposal@sage.com

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