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The Success Steps

What are the Success Steps, and what do they do?

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What are the Success Steps, and how do you use this?

The Success Steps are a great way to track your progress within your GoProposal app. This helps to give you a clear understanding of your progress, and what the next steps are.

Your Success Steps help you to keep track of your movements within GoProposal, and to ensure you are reaching personal goals such as having your first proposal accepted by a client (the WAHOO moment).

Within your Success Steps, there are four main categories for you to track and hold yourself accountable to. These are your;

Basic Setup, Results (time to value), Advanced Setup and Mastery.

So what's included in each category?

Your Basic Setup

Within the Basic Setup, the key steps to focus upon are the main configuration areas such as your pricing and engagement letters.

It's key to ensure these are setup correctly so you can raise that first proposal ASAP.

Results (time to value)

Your Results are there to help you keep on track of proposals produced and accepted from both new and existing clients.

Advanced Setup

Once you have ensured your Basic setup is complete, you can start to focus on the Advanced setup and introduce your integrations.

You may use a variety of integrations in conjunction with GoProposal such as Xero, QuickBooks, AccountancyManager & GoCardless.


You've made it to the Mastery category, what now?

We want to make sure you are putting time aside to focus on what really matters, it's time to focus on engaging GoProposal with the wider team.

The Gloss Method framework helps to direct the focus from you and your services onto onto the client. What are their goals? At what speed do they want to reach these goals?

How do I complete the tasks within a category?

Your Success Steps will be linked to activity / tasks you carry out within GoProposal. Once a step has been achieved, this will be auto filled and ticked off for you.

Once you have completed all of the Success Steps within a category, the award at the bottom will light up to show that this has been completed.

Please Note: The only steps you will manually tick off are when you complete v1 of your pricing, and the completion of a Gloss Review (these are within the Basic & Mastery categories). To tick this off, head to one of the above areas and select the circle tab.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us using the chat in the bottom right 😃

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