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Send Engagement Letters without Proposals through OverSuite
Send Engagement Letters without Proposals through OverSuite

Understand how you can utilize OverSuite to send engagement letters to your clients.

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With continuous changes to the regulatory landscape, it's crucial that all of your Letters of Engagement are up to date.

OverSuite ensures that any changes to the legislation are reflected automatically in your Engagement letters and these updates are made on a quarterly basis by our compliance experts.

We understand that some of your clients are behind and it's pressing that you renew these letters.

We also appreciate that with certain types of work, or clients, you would prefer to issue a Letter of Engagement and you do not require a fee proposal.

With OverSuite, you can do this, and all content will be automatically adjusted for you to reflect the fact there is no associated fee proposal.

Here's how to get started..

Step 1. Getting Your System Setup

It's important that you have configured at least one template in preparation for sending a letter of engagement without a proposal.

This is so you can ensure the e-mails your clients receive with their Letter of Engagement are appropriate for the content they will be getting.

To do this, go to Configure > Templates & E-mails..

Create a new template, or duplicate an existing one to give you something to start with.

In your new template, select Letter of Engagement as the document you want to send when this template is chosen..

.. and configure your client, staff and wahoo e-mails in a way that matches the content you are sending out. For example, remove proposal references.

You can change all three e-mails within the e-mails tab.

Finally, give your template a name so it can easily be identified by your team at the create proposal stage.

Step 2. Sending Your Letter of Engagement

When creating a proposal as an OverSuite user, you will be given the option to define the documents you'd like to send.

Here, you'll want to choose Letter of Engagement and make sure the Template you use is one you have pre-configured for sending a standalone letter of engagement (See Step 1.)

Complete the engagement letter by selecting the services, assigning key dates, and filling out your clients details.

You'll notice some things have been removed, such as the proposal preview and calculation tool, as they are no longer relevant.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 😃

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