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The GoCardless Integration - USA

Discover how the GoCardless Integration works and how to set this up.

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Note: There have been some exciting updates to the GoCardless integration. Read this article to make sure you're up to date.

What Is GoCardless?

GoCardless is an online Direct Debit specialist that manages the entire collection process on your behalf. It's perfect for invoice payments of variable amounts, subscriptions and fees.

  • Direct Debit allows you to collect funds automatically on payment dates.

  • Once a Direct Debit is in place, you can use it to collect one-off or recurring payments of any amount.

  • You choose the dates you collect funds, meaning you’ll be able to predict future revenue for your business.

  • Merchants can either collect and manage their payments using a simple online tool or can integrate with our REST API.

How It Works

In GoProposal we recommend taking payments via GoCardless. This enables you to collect payment from your clients automatically on a monthly recurring basis.

You can link your GoCardless account to GoProposal. Once you have done this, prospects will be prompted to instantly set up their payments with you at the point of signing their Engagement Letters so you don't need to chase for bank details.

You control in which part of the process payments are taken, before or after the letter of engagement is signed.

Here's how to set it up..

Step 1. Connecting GoCardless to GoProposal

Make sure you have an active GoCardless account before you do this. To connect the apps, within GoProposal go to Settings > Integrations and select GoCardless from the left hand tab.

Slide the toggle on.

You will be prompted to login to GoCardless so enter your details and once you're in, you will be redirected back to the integrations page in GoProposal.

Step 2. Establishing your Settings

Define key settings for this integration on this page. Here's what everything means..

Decide which proposal templates you want to apply this to

You can specify which proposal templates you would like this integration to apply to, so that only relevant clients are redirected to payment once they sign their engagement letters.

For example, you might want to set all new clients up on GoCardless but already have payment plans in place for existing proposals.

Decide at which point you would like payment plans to be set up

You can decide whether you would like your clients to set up their payments with you before or after accepting the Engagement Letter.

If you go with after, there will be a thank you page after your clients have accepted the documents and before they set their payments up.

You can configure what this page says from on the integration settings page.

FYI for Members Using Xero: If you are connecting GoCardless to Xero, ensure this is connected to 'GoCardless for Xero' and not 'GoCardless in Xero'.

FYI for Members Using QuickBooks: Currently, QBO and GoCardless do not integrate in the USA and Canada. All invoices will have to be manually reconciled once payment is processed.

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For further insight into the GoCardless integration including our 1-3-12 method of pricing, download the GoCardless/GoProposal playbook!

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