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Bulk import your contacts from a CSV file
Bulk import your contacts from a CSV file

Make sure all of your clients are in the Contact Hub by importing them from a CSV.

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Getting all of your existing clients in the Contact Hub makes managing the renewal process easier.

This article will talk you through how to import clients from a CSV file.

Step 1. Download and save your client list in CSV format

If you're looking to extract a list of clients from another platform and add them to GoProposal, you'll need to download your client list in a CSV format.

Most client management platforms will give you this option.

So your first step is to download (or create) this CSV file in the format shown below.

What fields can I import to GoProposal?

GoProposal will accept the following fields:

Company Name
First Name (where applicable)
Last Name (where applicable)
E-mail address



Step 2. Upload the CSV file to GoProposal

From the Contact Hub, select import from and then CSV file.

Upload your file by selecting Browse files for CSV.

Next.. match your CSV field names to the Contact Hub field names, working through each one by one to ensure no data is lost.

Make sure you set the toggle to the type of list you are uploading, i.e. client or prospect.

If your CSV file contains a blend of clients and prospects, you can change each individual record from the Preview Records tab.

Click complete and the import should occur instantly.

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