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Understand the benefits of Sage ID and guidance on how to get set up.

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The Sage ID integration is currently under review. Any users who have the Sage ID integration set up can continue using as normal. Any users who do not have Sage ID set up are currently unable to access this integration for the moment.
If you have any questions or need any support, please reach out to us

What Is Sage ID?

Sage ID is a single sign in tool that is used to access all Sage apps through one log in, along with the use of Sage 2FA option for authentication.

Using Sage ID adds another secure layer when logging into your GoProposal app and is super easy to set up and use.

Sage ID is an optional set up at this time, however this will become a mandatory element for all users in the near future.

What are the benefits of Sage ID?

  • Enhanced security with 2 factor authentication.

  • Access to Sage Membership for free training and support from a community of experts.

  • A single Sage log in experience.

How Do I set up Sage ID?

If you already have a Sage ID account set up, you can simply use your existing details for your Sage ID to log into your GP app.

If you do not have an existing Sage ID account, please follow the steps below.

The next time you log into your app, you will see a pop up for Sage ID, where you can choose to set up now or at a later time.

Setting up now will link your Sage apps together using the single sign in option straight away. If you choose to set up later, you will be prompted again to set up in the future.

To set up follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click 'create or login to a Sage account' using the button at the bottom of the window

Step 2: Fill in your details and create a password, before clicking the 'Sign up' button.

Step 3: Once you have signed up, you will be sent a code to your email address to confirm set up. (example below)

Enter this code into the required field and click 'Continue'.

It may take a few moments to connect, however you'll then be redirected to your GP app and you're all done!
Sage ID is now set up, providing you with an extra layer of security and connecting all your Sage apps through one nice and simple login.
Let's not forget about the access to the Sage Membership too!

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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