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GoProposal AML: An Overview

Understand exactly what's included, including market leading identification checks and a system for managing client money laundering risk.

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AML for GoProposal simplifies client onboarding and ongoing engagements by helping you to efficiently manage client money laundering risk in one place. From the moment a proposal is accepted, our AML system ensures a seamless journey from proposal to risk assessment and verification. With tools to manage both new and existing client risk and market leading verification technologies, you can be totally confident in your compliance forevermore, whilst eliminating the administrative burden of these typically laborious processes and enthusing your clients with a first class onboarding journey.

This guide provides an overview of how GoProposal AML works, including a break down of its' powerful features and includes the following sections:

  • Where to go to watch a demo

  • Exploring the features of AML for GoProposal

  • Useful links and how you can get started.

Watch a Demo:

Exploring the features of AML for GoProposal:

Efficient Identity Verification (for both UK clients and international)

GoProposal AML makes it easy to conduct identity checks on your clients, whilst ensuring a secure and professional onboarding experience that sets the tone for a strong business relationship. By simply providing an email address or phone number, you can initiate a thorough identity check on anyone (..just wait for the results), and our system will handle the rest. The process is further streamlined with automatic client chasers, eliminating the need for you to manually follow up for identification documents

Streamlined and All in One Place

Your GoProposal Contact Hub keeps you and your team informed about when a risk assessment or ID check is due. Whether it's a new client who has recently accepted their proposal or an existing client requiring a risk review, you'll have visibility into the status of their AML checks. You'll also be able to add new contacts and conduct ID checks or assessments at any time.

Expert written KYC and Risk Assessments

Our expertly written Know Your Customer (KYC) and Risk Assessments are customised to suit your client type. The process harness conditional logic to eliminate unnecessary questions, saving you time whilst providing guidance to boost your team's confidence in managing client risk effectively. We also offer expertly tailored Annual Risk Assessments and a streamlined review system that makes ongoing monitoring much easier.

Continuous Monitoring for Compliance Confidence

AML for GoProposal prompts you to periodically reassess client risk and review identification documents, ensuring ongoing monitoring doesn't become a neglected task (as seen so often in the industry).

A comparison of the Available Checks

We offer three check types at GoProposal, ensuring there's an option suitable for everyone, regardless of your risk based approach.

All three check types scan for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanctioned Individuals, Adverse Media, and verify your clients address and date of birth, however there are some key differences between them.

The Basic Check simply allows you to scan for PEPs, sanctions Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanctioned Individuals, Adverse Media, and verify your clients address and date of birth. It requires a name, date of birth and address and results will be returned in a few minutes.

It's great if you meet clients face to face and store photographic evidence of their identification documents outside.

Document and Biometric checks go a step further by automatically collecting, verifying and securely storing your clients' identity documents. These check types also automatically scan for Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), Sanctioned Individuals, Adverse Media, and verify your clients address and date of birth.

Whilst the biometric check involves using an app, the document check is done through a mobile friendly web portal. The document check will confirm it's authenticity, whilst the biometric check will do this, in addition to confirming your clients' identity matches it to their provided ID document (please note: an app is the safest and most secure way to harness these technologies).

If you're a virtual accountant and won't meet your clients face to face, the biometric check is recommended if you want complete certainty in your clients' identity.

About Thirdfort: Third party used to power your ID checks

To power our ID checks, we partner with Thirdfort, our chosen third party partner that offers quick and secure digital verification, with government grade technology that has helped thousands safeguard against fraud. To learn more about Thirdfort, visit their website here.

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