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Follow-up date reminders
Follow-up date reminders

How to set up a follow-up date reminder in a proposal

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When creating a proposal for a client, you may want to set up a reminder to follow up with the client if the proposal hasn't been signed yet, to ensure you're not missing any opportunities. The follow-up reminder email will be sent 1 day before the follow-up date you set in the proposal.

Step 1

When creating a proposal, in the 'complete proposal' section, you will find the Follow-Up Date section:

From here you can select in the follow-up date you want to set for the particular proposal.

Step 2

Head to the Proposals dashboard to view the follow-up date for the proposal:

You will then receive the follow-up reminder email 1 day before the date you have set in the proposal.

Please note: The email will only be sent to the staff member who created the proposal.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the chat box below 😃

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