There are 5 different methods of pricing your Line Items and Annual Revenue Range pricing is one of them.

This is particularly powerful when the amount of work required to fulfil this service is impacted by how much revenue the client is generating

Explainer Video

This video explains how they work and how to configure them.

How It Works

Annual revenue pricing will base the fee for a line item on your clients annual revenue. This is good for services such a Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax Return which are impacted by revenue.

The annual revenue range is one of the first things you select when you create a proposal, enabling it to drive these fees. 

How To Use

Note: You will want to ensure you are happy with the annual revenue ranges in your app and if not, tweak them. You can do this here.

Step 1. Go to Configure > Line Items  > Edit Line 

Line items are the services you offer to your clients and each have their own description, name and pricing. To price a service by annual revenue, hit edit line next to the service you want to price in this way. 

Step 2. Pricing Type > Annual Revenue Price

Scroll to the pricing type and choose 'annual revenue price' from the dropdown.

Step 3. Set the pricing for each range 

The £ sign will set a fixed monthly fee for the annual revenue range, whereas the formula symbol will use a calculation.

In this example, the annual accounts for a revenue of £30k would be £83 per month. An annual revenue range of £35k would afford management accounts of £83 x 1.35 per month. 

Hint: ensure the formula is in the format [previous]*1.2, where * can be replaced by +, - or / if need be.

Step 3. Save

Once you are done, hit save. Alternatively, you might want to add a calculation to build up the complexity of your price for this service. 

Other Pricing Types

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