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Annual Revenue Prices and how they work
Annual Revenue Prices and how they work

When you configure your line items you will want to know how Annual Revenue Range prices work as it is a powerful method of pricing

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There are 5 different methods of pricing your Line Items and Annual Revenue Range pricing is one of them.

This is particularly powerful when the amount of work required to fulfil this service is impacted by how much revenue the client is generating.

Explainer Video

This video explains how they work and how to configure them.

How It Works

Annual revenue pricing will base the fee for a service (line item) on your clients annual revenue.

This is good for services such as Annual Accounts and VAT Returns where your work is impacted by revenue.

The annual revenue range is one of the first things you select when you create a proposal..

..which then drives the fees for any services priced using this methodology.

Basing Fees on Annual Revenue

On your line items page, you can configure all aspects of the services you offer including the pricing.

When you edit a specific service (line item), you will see a pricing tab. Selecting the Annual Revenue Range as the Pricing Type will base the fees for this service on just that.

You can then define or edit the fees you would like to charge for each range.

Using the calculation option instead of the £ option, you can multiply fees for the previous range by a set value to calculate the fee for the subsequent range.

🤝 If you want to change the ranges themselves, you can do this within Configure > Pricing Tool Setup by overtyping the existing revenue ranges.

There's also an option to utilise a 'Secondary Revenue Range' too. For more information on this, see here.

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