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What are second revenue style ranges?
What are second revenue style ranges?

Learn how the second revenue style range can help you when setting up your pricing.

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Second revenue style ranges work in the same way as annual revenue range pricing in GoProposal, the difference is you can define your own set of ranges to price a service up in any way that you may need.

For example, you might choose to add an additional set of revenue ranges for investment size and then use this as the basis for pricing up certain services.

Once you have added a set of second revenue style price ranges, they will appear in the create proposal tool and as an additional pricing method in your line items. 

How To Add a Second Revenue Style Range

You can define your second revenue style ranges from your pricing settings.

Your pricing settings can be found by going to Configure > Pricing Tool Set-Up

..on this page you'll find the option to add in a second set of revenue style ranges.

Simply input a title and add the ranges that you need using the add range button.

Once you have saved your settings, you will see you can now use this second style as a pricing method when configuring a line item.

You will also see that you can select it when creating a proposal to drive the fees for any services you have assigned to this pricing type.

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